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프로젝트 분류

DATE Project Name Project Description
2018.10~2020.12 R&D of XL Monopile for Offshore Wind Turbines Development on installation system of XL monopile for offshore wind turbines
2018.10~2019.03 Design of Marine Meteorological Tower in Wando Design of offshore wind power plant meteorological tower
2016.12~2019.09 R&D for Integrated Design and Construction Technol Design of Offshore Wind Power Jacket Support Structure for Cost Reduction
2016.07~2016.12 Design of Aquatic Solar Photovoltaic Power Structure Anasysis and Design of Aquatic Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation
2015.08~2015.10 CM Technology Development of Offshore Wind Power Stability review for Wind Power Basic structures
2013.02-Till date 1250MW Wind Farm at Santa Cruz in Argentina Basic and Detail Engineering for 1250MW Wind Farm at Santa Cruz In Argentina
2013.02-2013.07 JEJU 7Mw x 10Sets Offshore Wind Power PJT 7MW x 10 Sets Offshore Wind Turbine Power Inplace/Fatigue/Tow/Impact Analysis
2012.07-Till date 5MW Offshore wind Farm R&D at Westen-south in Kore Basic and Detail Engineering for 5MW Offshore Wind Farm R&D
2012.05~2017.09 2 Phase Offshore Wind Power R&D Substructure basic/detail engineering and installaion engineering for Jen-Nam TP
2010.04-2010.06 50kw Wave Power Plant R&D Project Wave Power Plant Package Offshore Installation and Floating/Sinking Design for SEKWANG ENG
2010.03-2010.04 Subsea Crurrent Power Project Offshore Crane Boom Design for UnDin Co., Ltd.
2009.10 – 2010.12 OFFSHORE WAVE AND FLOATING SOLAR POWER R&D PROJECT Floater Type Inplace / Fatigue / Foundation Feasibility Study
2009.10 - 2012.04 OFFSHORE WIND POWER R&D PROJECT Jacket type / Mono-pile Type / TLF(Tension Leg Floater) Type Inplace / Seismic / Fatigue / Foundation
2009.01 – 2009.04 Wind Power Plant in Offshore Inplace Design/Fatigue Design/Blade Design/Installation Design
2008.08-2008.12 OFFSHORE WIND POWER STATION PROJECT Offshore Tower Platform for Wind Power In-place and Seismic, Vibration and Fatigue Basic Design for YOOSHIN CO.
2002.7 - 2003.2 ULDLMOK CURRENT POWER PLANT Basic and FEED Engineering for Jacket and topside inplace, seismic, fatigue, installation Basic Design for Han-A eng and KORDI