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LNG/LPG Plant and FSRU

Project Categories

DATE Project Name Project Description
2018.10~2020.03 Development for Small LNG Production Base Development of floating small LNG production base model of each capacity
2018.03~2018.07 Pre-FEED for Bangladesh LPG Terminal Pre-FEED for Bangladesh LPG Terminal
2017.09~2017.12 Bahrain LNG IT Project Jacket and Subsea Pipeline Design of LNG Import Terminal
2015.09~2016.07 Pomala FSRU Project DETAIL ENGINEERING FOR POMALA FSRU Including LNGC 79K Berthing and pipeline
2015.09~2015.12 Feasibility Study for Indonesia FSRU FSRU Feasibility Study to Supply LNG to Power Plant
2014.09-2014.12 Bahrain LNG Terminal PJT FEED for FSRU Process and Hull and Mooring/Jetty/Pipeline Design
2014.09-2014.12 FEED for Bahrain LNG Terminal Marine Facilities FSRU Process and Hull and Mooring/Jetty/Pipeline Design
2014.04-2016.03 PTTLNG LNG PJT Detail Engineering for LNG Terminal Marine Facilities
2013.03-2013.04 Inchon LPG Station LPG Storage Concrete Tank Design
2013.01-2013.07 URUGUAY FSRU PJT FSRU Process and Hull and Mooring/Jetty/Pipeline Design
2011.10~2011.12 FSjuRU- Offshore LNG Terminal Jamaica Project FEED for LNG Mooring and Jack-up Regasification Unit Engineering for SamSung C&T Corporation
2011.06~2011.11 FSjuRU Indonesia LNG Terminal Project(Petamina FEED for LNG Mooring and Jack-up and Jetty Regasification Unit Engineering for Samsung C&T Corpotation
2010.06-2011.1 HYBRID CONCRETE LNG FSRU/GSRU TERMINAL in Korea Feed and Basic Design for Conceptual and Feasibility Engineering
2010.06-2010.10 LPG Terminal in Indonesia Feed and Basic Design for LPG Terminal and Berthing Dolphine
2010.04-2010.10 LNG Onshore Plant/LNG Barge/LNG FSRU(50,000MT) Feed and Basic Design for Onshore Plant/LNG Barge/LNG FSRU
2010.02-2010.04 JAMAICA Floating LNG Terminal Turnkey Project Process Design / Onsore Receving Station / Pressure Regulating Station / Pipeline / 130000m3-FSRU Process, Hull, Containment / Riser / SPM FEED Design
2009.01 - 2009.07 NEW HYBRID CONCRETE-LNG FSRU/GRAND HULL AND TOPSID - NEW-LARGE Floating Hybrid Concrete Structure Elasto Plastic FE Aanlysis and Mooring System Development - NEW-OFFSHORE Wind Power Plant Development - CNG-Ship Development PROJECT
2006.12 - 2007.03 Pyeong-Tek and Incheon LNG STORAGE TANK TERMINAL Re-New LNG STORAGE TANK TERMINAL SAFETY ANALYSIS AND REINFORCEMENT DESIGN, MTO Design, JETTY Inplace Design, Fatigue Design, Seismic Design, Mooring Design, Pile Design, Transportation, Installation Design for DEAWOO ENG’G